An Excel Model on the Expected Amount of Cake Stimulus Recipients Can Expect to Consume

If you’d like to try out the “Let Them Eat Cake” Excel Model, access and download it through Google Drive.

There’s a meme going around over the past couple of weeks. Affectionately(?) dubbed “Mitch Antoinette,” it is a visual portmanteau of the Senate Majority Leader and the last queen of France.

Looking for spots where one space begins and another ends can be like looking for outlines in the fog. They are there, but it’s not quite clear where.

It wasn’t so long ago that most blogs about work and home focused on topics like work-life balance or limiting email response times to working hours. My, how the times change quickly.

From my experience, work-life balance is even more challenging when one takes on a remote or work from home (WFH) role. When the home space becomes the workplace there is a tendency to blur the lines between the two. The couch can be a meeting room. The kitchen is now a work desk. The bathroom…is hopefully still just the bathroom.

While some of us are lucky enough to…

In September 2018, my mother-in-law passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Her death precipitated one of the most difficult stages of my life and and the most difficult of my wife’s life and we continue to deal with the fallout from this loss. On our second wedding anniversary, we buried her. In the following weeks, we packed up our apartment in Washington, DC, and moved to Buffalo, NY to be with my father-in-law. Things happened so quickly. We were confronted constantly by whiplash. One moment our lives were moving in one direction and then they weren’t.

I can’t help but feel…

According to my phone, last week I spent an average of 1 hour and 39 minutes on it daily.

Of all the apps and miscellaneous tools I use to browse on my phone, one stood out in particular: Apple News. It seems that this feature is a major time-suck.

For me, this is probably unsurprising. I tend to be a passive user of social media. I am the incessant browser. Scroll down. Read. Scroll down. Read. Scroll down. Read. The page keeps going and going enough to tire the Energizer Bunny. …

Americans have grown weary of wars in the Middle East. The trait is understandable, but it is not defensible. There is no excuse for ignorance. According to Google Trends, Americans have searched for terms like “Kardashian,” “Bieber,” and “Trump,” between 10–14x more often than “Yemen.” Even similar country searches, like “Syria,” and “Saudi Arabia,” outweigh interest in this country torn apart by war.

While Syria, ISIS, and Donald Trump continue to make front page headlines across the country, another Middle Eastern war lies uncovered. Since 2015, Yemen has been embroiled in a deadly civil war, made increasingly worse by its…

You await the season’s first snowfall.

Traditionally, this time of year is a welcome relief to you. You bask in the cool winter breezes, your lungs burning as they inhale sharp bursts of freezing wind. When it arrives, the season’s first snow — pure, white, clean — signals the start of a happy time.

Pure, white, clean…

You’re suddenly struck by the danger of these words. You cannot let your dreams of the past cloud your vision of the precariousness of the present. There is a precipice just beyond the horizon; unseen, yet towering; a reawakening abyss.

How can it…

Congratulations! You have elected to become a follower of “Colored Glasses”, Medium’s newest online publication that was poorly thought through before establishment.

Of course, I jibe. Partially.

I believe that writing is a necessary tool for each of us to explore the world around us. To write is to unpack the myriad thoughts that pile up day in and day out. It declogs the sink.

Writing, of course, is also a necessary form of communication. One can jibber-jabber their thoughts ad infinitum, but where would they go? Now put that on paper (or screen, I obviously accept) and the thoughts…

In the months preceding my final year of middle school — Summer 2002 — I purchased my favorite movie of all time: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I had just finished the books, and only six or seven months prior to this purchase I witnessed the beginning of this saga on the big screen. There was no popcorn, soda, or candy bars with me in the three times I watched FOTR (Fellowship of the Ring abbreviated for all those missing out) in theaters. …

There’s been a lot of debate about the dangers of a nuclear Iran. Does it constitute an existential threat to Israel? Will it embolden the Ayatollah and other Shiite Islamic leaders to engage in more terrorism abroad? Faced with a nuclear-armed Iran, is a Mideast nuclear arms race inevitable? These are serious questions, to be sure, and a significant amount of time and space should be dedicated to speculating upon them.

But I’d like to pose a different question: What are the consequences of a nuclear-armed Donald Trump?

Iranian clerics have possession of governmental power in their country, but no…

Last night, I watched the wonderful, eerie, and discomforting Ex Machina on Verizon Fios’ OnDemand system. Following that viewing, I checked my iPhone for Tweets, SnapChat updates, new Instagram photos, [insert 21st application to check here], and FaceTimed with my fiancée. I then jumped on my computer and searched for “the singularity”, felt utterly depressed by my findings and proceeded to watch episodes of “Comedy Bang! Bang!” on Netflix until midnight in the hopes of alleviating my stirring mind.

Today, I now have the uneasy feeling that this single evening is a microcosm of my relationship with the digital age…

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